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Ningbo Jianghua Glass Technology Co., Ltd, established in 1982,  located in the Jiangbei industrial zone of Ningbo City, is a high-tech enterprise employing over 250 staff.  It sits on an area of 30,000 Chinese acres and specializes in the processing/manufacturing of energy-saving, environmental, safety glass for use in curtain walls, as well as doors and windows.  Jianghua became Saint Gobain CLIMAPLUS PARTNER in 2006 and is now one of the most technically-advanced glass manufacturer in the Eastern China region.


By being on the forefront of glass processing technology and trends, Jianghua is an industry leader in the Low-E insulated glass processing industry, employing energy-saving technology in its production.  As a Saint-Gobain partner, Jianghua has received long-term technical support in its processing of high-quality and high-tech offline Low-E insulated glass that it obtains from Saint-Gobain.  At Jianghua, we believe that first-class products can only come from first-class technology and know-how and this is a belief that is manifested in our production methods.  The Low-E insulated glass produced by Jianghua is not only energy-saving but has a high-rate of optical transmission and shading performance.  Such products allow for the creation of healthy and comfortable living and working environments.  In addition,  Jianghua manufactures tempered (curved), band, colored glaze, midheaven, explosion-proof, printed glass, etc.  In particular, Jianghua’s Fire rated glass (Fire rated insulating glass) has been listed in the China National Torch Plan. 


Jianghua’s processing plant is equipped with the best technology that is on offer in the world of glass processing.  Equipment such as our BOTTERO glass cutting machines, LISEC automatic sealing robot and insulated glass production line, TAMGLASS Dual-chamber convection furnace from Finland(PROE CCS 2460), automatic belt grinding machine from Korea, vertical automatic punching machine, industrial direct-on-glass digital printer from Israel; all allow Jianghua to produce the best quality glass products.  In addition, Jianghua has invested heavily in high-grade testing equipments to conduct tests on transmittance, glass scrap, scraps of tempered, shot-bag, anti-impact, etc.  Hence, Jianghua is fully capable of controlling the quality of its product and advancing through research and development.


Through the use of advanced equipment, coupled with ERP system, technically-skilled and professional production and management staff, Jianghua’s annual output of glass products has grown by leaps and bounds.  Currently, its annual output of 2,000,000 sqm has allowed it to be a major player in the glass production industry.  In tandem with this growth, Jianghua’s technical prowess is unparalleled, achieving quality approval for insulated glass,3Csafety approval、CE certification for tempered glass and laminated glass, IGCC certification and quality approval issued by Ministry of National Public Security for bulletproof glass.

Jianghua established position in the China eastern region has given it a foothold in the high-end building market, and it has had the opportunity to be part of many a landmark project.  Projects include the Trade Center of Ningbo Chamber of Commerce, Ningbo Hefeng Creative Square,Hangzhou Huanglong Hotel(five star), Taizhou Sanmen Chamber of Commerce Center, Xi’an Mercedes-Benz 4S flagshop, all of which have been favorably received by our clients and the general public. 

With each piece of glass it produces, Jianghua grows stronger in the glass industry.  Jianghua is committed to excellence and will deliver on its promise of high-quality glass products, adorning landmark buildings from around the world with its glass products.